Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly is a “Mobile RV” service?

A Mobile RV Repair service is a repair person who specializes in Recreational Vehicle repairs, service, and parts that comes to where you are. They typically do not have a fixed location or shop where you would bring your RV.

What type of work do Mobile RV techs do?

The type and complexity of work that can be done by a mobile unit varies from company to company. Overall, there is a limit to what they can do based on the equipment they can carry. Some services have larger trucks and trailers, while others may use a van. It is important to ask the techs if they believe they have the capability to address the need.

What is the On-Call Tech Support?

This a service where you work with a tech via phone, email, or text. The Tech could be located anywhere in the country, but does not actually come to you.
As an example, there could be a Tech in California who is idle and able to provide assistance to a traveler in Michigan. Remote Techs are useful in solving simple things, answering basic questions, and providing guidance as to what further actions you might take. Remote Techs are not physically able examine, diagnose, or troubleshoot complex issues so your ability to describe the situation is very important.

How much does it cost to hire a Mobile RV Service?

Cost varies from company to company. Typically there will be an hourly rate plus a travel charge. With fixed location RV repair centers charging upwards of $150/hour, a Mobile RV Service is sometimes a cost effective option. Make sure to discuss rates and billing with a service you are considering.

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